Discover what’s beyond the horizon

The Berlitz Global Adventure program makes learning English an adventure every day

Children love to ask questions, investigate and solve mysteries. The Berlitz Global Adventure program is perfectly tailored to what children do best: exploring! Made for children between 8 and 11, it creates an imaginative environment where kids are free to discover the world around them, all the while reinforcing their ability to speak English. Children's natural inclination to ask questions becomes their greatest tool during the Berlitz Global Adventure as qualified trainers lead them down a path of exploration designed to keep them engaged and motivated throughout course experience.

Explore the world with Berlitz Global Adventure
  • Designed for children aged 8 – 11
  • Small groups with specially-trained native speaker trainers
  • Live instruction with qualified and dedicated Berlitz trainers
  • Student book, workbook, audio CD, and accompanying multimedia activities
  • Exclusive access to the Berlitz Global Adventure Community

International and interactive curriculum

This is a true hands-on experience for your child! Based on Our World, a four-level language series featuring stunning National Geographic content, this program will expand the horizon of your child and teach them valuable communication skills that will serve them well throughout their years. A colorful and meaningful insight into the beautifully diverse world they call home.

Developed in collaboration with National Geographic Learning, in an exclusive partnership with the National Geographic Society, the Our World curriculum incorporates a treasure trove of interactive projects and collaborative work. Because children learn best by doing! Topics in the program range from culture to geography up to business and nature and increase the cultural awareness and prepare your child for important skills in the future.

Continuous improvement and long-term success

What's more, the Berlitz Method® involves immersing your children in their target language, guaranteeing quick, lasting results no matter what their level of proficiency at the start of the program.

And the fun doesn't stop at the end: your children can continue to use their student book, CD and multimedia material to solidify their understanding of what they learn during the Berlitz Global Adventure. The online network known as the Berlitz Global Adventure Community serves as a platform where your kids can further expand their horizons while connecting with other adventurers around the globe. This helps them internalize the importance of international cooperation and dialogue, all the while maintaining friendships and continuously improving their English skills.

Give your kids a head start and contact your local Berlitz center to find out more about the exciting Berlitz Global Adventure program for children aged between 8 and 11.

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