Berlitz Business Seminars

Berlitz Business Seminars boast a myriad of courses with content from over 60 industries, ensuring topics of relevance no matter the field in which you work. These seminars are ideal for every member of the corporate hierarchy. You can also combine these seminars with a foreign language, further enhancing the experience.

Online courses with Berlitz

Berlitz Online Live Seminars

Education goes digital: Boost your career with little effort and low investment!

Communicate in groups!

Intercultural Communication

The focus of this seminar is on intercultural differences that help attendees overcome communication issues.

Corporate Group Compact

International Management

The seminar provides insight into working with a management team comprised of individuals from different countries and backgrounds.

Berlitz Happy Hour

Leadership and strategy

In this seminar participants gain a better understanding of what makes one a good leader who can develop strategies that foster success.

Management courses at Berlitz!

Sales and Customer Management

Learn in this seminar about the various aspects of selling products and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Learning was never this easy!

Project Management and Work Techniques

The focus of these seminars is on increasing overall work efficiency.

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