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Our Solutions for E-Learning and Blended-Learning

Meet our award-winning e-Learning program

Berlitz offers different Blended Learning options for those who need an extra boost in their training course. Programs include telephone lessons or our signature face-to-face classroom instruction coupled with the award-winning e-Learning platform – CyberTeachers. Hone your employees’ skills with our different Blended Learning solutions or choose our online course for your self-study programs!

CyberTeachers® Coach

Do you need more time with your personal tutor? Gain unlimited access to live tutors on the award-winning online platform 5 days a week, 24 hours a day.

CyberTeachers® Live

Learn together with an online tutor on the award-winning online platform of CyberTeachers®. The tutor is available for you 4 times a day for 1 hour.

Individual Instruction by Telephone

Take advantage of personal live instruction over the telephone with native speaker trainers – highly specialized content and short units ensure maximum success.

Phone Blended Courses

Dial in via a landline for a personal lesson with a Berlitz trainer who keeps you motivated and focused on your individual goals.

Face-to-Face Blended Courses

You can also combine the CyberTeachers platform with face-to-face individual or group instruction.

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