Learn a foreign language with a group

If you prefer to learn a foreign language in a group setting, then Berlitz has just the right option for you: Face-to-Face Group Instruction. Working toward shared goals with other course participants keeps you motivated and reduces the cost of lessons compared to individual lessons. Berlitz offers smaller and larger groups as well as an online option.

Berlitz TRIO – Three English language courses in one!
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5-8 individuals attend a language course on a daily basis, significantly intensifying the level of language acquisition. Groups of this size can also meet with one or two lessons per week.

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These lessons are comprised of 2-4 individuals working together with a native speaker of your target language.

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All group lessons make use of the highly effective Berlitz Method®, ensuring rapid success no matter what your current level of proficiency. Contact your local Berlitz center for more information or to book a group course.

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