Personal training in your language of choice

If you are looking for personal courses in your target language with a program designed with you in mind, then Berlitz is just what you've been looking for. Berlitz offers four different types of face-to-face individual instruction, giving you the flexibility you need to fit your lessons into your schedule.

Individual Instruction Classic

36 lessons over a 6 weeks period, you can complete one Berlitz Level.

Individual Instruction Premium

This option allows you to choose the time, place and frequency of your lessons, as well as the duration of your contract.

Individual Instruction Express

You choose when your lessons take place and within 36 lessons over a 3 weeks period you can complete one Berlitz Level.

Total Immersion®

This is the most effective way to learn a language, with 12 individual lessons per day during which you are completely immersed in your target language.

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