• Berlitz Kids Camps are fun for children all ages!

Activities for kids at Berlitz camps

Fun & Action

The Fun & Action camp from Berlitz is comprised of a very eclectic mix of activities for kids. Your children can take a camp focused on learning English, German, Spanish or French, and no matter which language you choose you can rest assured that your children will have a diverse combination of language lessons, sports activities and creative activities. Every day your children can choose the activities that interest them most, and trainers constantly bring in new ideas to keep the level of excitement high and the interest piqued.

Comics & Pop-Art

In this program kids get to let their creativity flow in the form of comics, cartoons, street art, drawing, and painting. Children are encouraged to take their favorite characters from popular series and cartoons and create their own individual storyline for those characters. Throughout the program campers learn painting and drawing techniques and can even put together their own portfolio.

In addition, trainers get your children moving with games such as quidditch and broom hockey, and in the evening your children get to enjoy things such as Fashion School for Super Heroes, fantasy film night, and a comics and pop-art convention.

Music & Performance

This program is the perfect solution for children who want to practice their language skills while learning to put on a show. The fun-loving, dedicated trainers teach your children how to dance, sing, write plays and act, and kids less included to go on stage can learn about the equally important and fun area of costume making and prop preparation. Children can also learn how to play a musical instrument, and every child works toward a fantastic final production where they can show off their newfound language and creative skills.

No matter which of these programs is most appealing to your children, Berlitz guarantees an exciting experience with maximum language results and a desire to continue learning even once the camp has ended. Contact your local Berlitz center to find out more about the various camp programs.

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