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Kid's activities that teach your children to speak a new language

Modern Media

In today's modern world, kids are enthralled by the many technological advancements and applications available on computers, smartphones, and tablets. The Modern Media program at Berlitz camps taps into this interest, simultaneously teaching kids to speak a foreign language and to better understand how modern media works. Campers learn about social media and protecting their own privacy and that of others. During the camp they also work on a fun project, such as a band workshop or an animation project. By the end of the camp kids have a better appreciation for media and more confidence in communicating in the target language.

Magic Camp

Magic has long fascinated children of all ages, and the Berlitz Magic Camp utilizes that fascination to create an environment in which children learn to speak a language while having the time of their lives. Campers transform into sorcerers and sorceresses, following in the footsteps of heroes such as Harry Potter and Eragon. Your children learn the secrets behind several magic tricks, gaining confidence in their magical and linguistic abilities at the same time. The mystery of magic provides hours of entertainment, and every hour also sees them learning new vocabulary, practicing their language skills, and building new friendships through magic and language.

Fantasy Adventure

In this exhilarating Berlitz camp your young ones become detectives in hot pursuit of the answers to a fantasy mystery. Participants step into their roles, letting their imaginations run wild as they work together to solve riddles, find clues, and crack codes, culminating in the final solution at the end of camp. Throughout it all campers stay active and engaged, learning to use their new language skills as essential keys to solving the mystery.

Each Berlitz camp works language into the kids' activities in a way that teaches them without them even noticing. Immersed in their new language, kids come away excited about being able to converse in a language other than their native tongue. Contact Berlitz today to find out more about these awesome programs.

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