Reach your goals with professional language training

with Individual Instruction Premium

Berlitz believes immersion in a language is the most effective method of learning, and one-on-one instruction gives you the greatest ability to immerse yourself in your target language. The Individual Instruction Premium course entails lessons with a private language instructor working with you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Individual Instruction Premium
The benefits of Individual Instruction Premium
  • Intense, one-on-one instruction with a qualified Berlitz trainer
  • Native speaker instructors
  • Course content tailored to you or your employees needs
  • Full immersion in the language with the Berlitz Method®
  • Flexible lesson scheduling and contract duration

Customized course content

The focus of this course is placed on using content and materials that are related to the industry or field in which you or your employee work or are interested in. Using industry- and department-related vocabulary ensures your ability to use your new acquired language skills outside of your lessons, helping you achieve your professional goals and allowing you to stand out in your work environment. The combination of immersion in the language and content related to your job guarantees the best results.

You set the pace of the course. Working one-on-one with the trainer means all attention is on you; the trainer will slow down and focus on specific areas when you struggle and will speed up and go into more depth in areas where you excel. This ensures you are always working at a pace that is appropriate for you.

Anytime, anywhere

Berlitz works with you to determine when your lessons will be scheduled, giving you maximum flexibility to manage all of your other work-related tasks. What's more, you decide where to meet your Berlitz trainer: you can take your lessons at a Berlitz facility, in-house at your company, or in any other location of your choosing. No matter where you meet your trainer, you will quickly have more confidence in your ability to communicate in your target language.

Contact a Berlitz center near you to obtain more information about the Individual Instruction Premium course offered at Berlitz.

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