• several online and telephone courses for those who prefer maximum flexibility

Telephone Instruction

For many people on the go, scheduling language lessons can be difficult. Berlitz solves this problem with its Individual Instruction by Telephone! In this course you get one-on-one time with a qualified Berlitz trainer, and all you need to do to get to your "classroom" is dial in via landline. This gives you the flexibility to attend class even when on the road for work.

  • Live telephone lesson from anywhere with a landline
  • Intense, personalized lessons
  • Useful online tools
  • Web browser-based language training
  • Suitable for any level of proficiency

No software is required to take advantage of Berlitz's online materials; simply open the page in your browser and get started. The writing assistant, dictionary, translator, and vocabulary optimizer are useful aids for improving your vocabulary and ability to write in your target language. No matter what level you start of at, Berlitz has great material designed to quickly and efficiently increase your fluency.

Online course materials

Berlitz has done extensive research and compiled a selection of material from 218 job descriptions and 600 job-specific topics. This ensures material that is relevant to you and your language goals. In addition to personalized materials, This Berlitz course also includes:

  • Learning News
    Learning News is comprised of articles and videos from your job sector and fields of interest.
  • Learning Report Flash Lessons
    These five-minute lessons are sent via email Monday to Friday and teach you grammar rules, idiomatic phrases, and advice on avoiding common mistakes.
  • Live telephone lesson
    Dial in via a landline for a personal lesson with a Berlitz trainer who keeps you motivated and focused on your individual goals.

The Blended Learning course offers a firm basis for learning a new language or improving fluency. What's more, the flexibility of the course means you can learn at your own rate from any location. Contact your local Berlitz center to take advantage of this excellent language learning opportunity.

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