• Autumn-Special-2018

Berlitz Trio –
Three English language courses in one

Discover the new Berlitz program for the Fall 2018


Berlitz TRIO is Berlitz’s new bid in the search for a learning formula that combines our essence, our methodology and our 140 years of experience, with the most modern and innovative digital teaching tools. The world is changing and so are the ways in which we learn; we are also changing, but without compromising the principles that have made us synonymous with language learning. That’s why we would like to present Berlitz TRIO the most flexible, dynamic and personalized learning solution that exists in the market.

Berlitz TRIO is a blended learning between online platform, phone and F2F. It offers custom content according to your needs and objectives, a learning path established at the beginning with a line of clear and effective learning and a pedagogical and technical team dedicated to answering your questions during your selfstudy.



The “human touch” is very important during the learning path. Every week you will have face-to-face group lesson in your Berlitz Center, with a mother tongue teacher and few participants. You can choose between a wide topics of group lessons (Social, Business and Grammatical nature), based on your language level and your professional and personal interests. You can choose also at what time have your face-to-face English lessons. Contact us to find out more about the topics covered in the small groups classroom with the teacher.


CyberTeachers® is an online program for language learning geared to current learning behaviors. The program offers highly personalized courses on an intuitive platform accessible on multiple devices, with learner’s tailor-made program, elective lessons give learners the freedom to extend their knowledge according to their own evolving needs and requirements. Motivation to achieve objectives is maintained throughout the training by the use of interactive, user-friendly learning methods.


Live and personal telephone classes to provide one-on-one language training around the clock. The English lessons are structured with highly specialized content, allowing trainees to quickly master the use of the language in a professional environment. These short 30-minute sessions easily fit learners’ schedules as they are available 24/7, from anywhere in the world. They are recommended for anyone who needs to improve languages skills quickly and people who need intensive work on oral business communication.




we know how difficult it is to combine the learning of a language with your professional and personal life. For this reason, we offer you the possibility of learning through Cyberteachers and classes by phone, wherever you want and whenever you want. The face-to-face sessions are delivered at your Berlitz school.

The human touch

you won’t lose the “human touch”. With the F2F classes and classes by telephone as well as the permanent support of our pedagogical team, we will not leave you alone and you won’t lose direct contact with the teacher, a fact which is so important for your learning. You will receive professional and experienced advice that will allow you to create a personalized program with an effective and clear learning path.

A path with clear objectives

too many people who learn online lose motivation because they do not have any support or because they feel “lost” in a world of “content” without direction. Berlitz TRIO offers you a clear and easy to follow personalized structure with visible and evident progress.

Your challenges, your goals

from our online platform and with the guidance of our teachers, we will help you choose and work on the objectives you want to achieve. You will receive professional and experienced advice that will allow you to create a personalized program with an effective and clear learning path.


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