Seminar Learning Paths

The perfect combination of various seminar topics

The global challenges of the modern-day working world often call for multilayered know-how that cannot usually be fully covered in a single seminar. We therefore offer all our seminars as learning paths, too, comprising three steps that follow on from each other logically and that combine various topics to get you up to speed in your chosen area of expertise. On the following pages, you will find an overview of nine such learning paths. We can, of course, also happily put together learning paths that are tailored to your specific challenges.

Boosting your efficiency


Interpersonal skills for teamwork and communication

Methodological skills for group efficiency

Communicating effectively in international work settings

Tips and techniques for focused communication

Presentation and moderation techniques and methodological skills for training managers and experts

The skills for implementing change processes and for contributing to innovative change projects

Identifying and expanding the resources that are important for your personal well-being and your own work–life balance

Increasing your sales expertise

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