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Learning success at Berlitz language camps

When it comes to Berlitz camps for kids and teens, one of the primary goals is to achieve learning success while having the most fun possible. Whether your children attend camp to learn English, Spanish, French or German, Berlitz trainers immerse your child in the target language and lead them down the path of fluency in an exciting way. This guarantees learning success without the kids ever realizing that they are, indeed, learning a lot.

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The concept behind language courses at Berlitz camps
  • Language courses with children at the same proficiency level
  • Groups no larger than 8-12
  • Four 45-minute lessons per day
  • Qualified, motivated, fun-loving trainers
  • Berlitz Method®, interviews, role playing, presentations, topic-related projects
  • Berlitz certificate at the end of camp

The Berlitz Method® focuses on completely immersing your children in the target language, helping them quickly gain confidence in speaking with trainers and fellow campers alike. The materials and content used during the four daily lessons are designed with children in mind, pulling from topics that interest kids around the world. What's more, trainers customize content as the lessons progress and they better understand how each child thinks and learns. This ensures maximum learning success in each and every lesson throughout the camp.

More than just a language camp

Berlitz camps measure success in more than just improved language proficiency. Trainers work with campers on projects throughout the week and expand each camper's horizons, helping them gain self-confidence that can color their experience both at camp and at home. By activating campers' imaginations and teaching them new skills in a foreign language, Berlitz trainers actively support your kids on a path of success at camp that will only lead to success in the future.

Contact your local Berlitz center to get more information about the Berlitz Method® and to book spots for your children in the exciting, unforgettable Berlitz camps for kids and teens.

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