The Berlitz Service Center - Napoli

Dedicated to helping you get the information you need, the Berlitz Service Center is a helpful contact regarding every aspect of Berlitz courses and seminars. From information about various language centers to specific details concerning course content, the staff at the Berlitz Service Center is motivated to give you everything you need to get down to the business of having fun while learning a language.

Berlitz for more than a century.

Before you contact the service center, here is some basic information about Berlitz courses:

  • Trainers are native speakers with professional experience and know-how.
  • You are immersed in your target language, a method that has proven successful at Berlitz.
  • Content is selected based on your individual needs and goals.
  • Courses and proficiency are divided into eight levels.
  • You can work one-on-one with a trainer or attend a group class.
  • The Berlitz internet platform facilitates online courses.
  • Corporate clients can book lessons held in their company.
  • Berlitz also offers a wide range of seminars with industry-specific topics
  • Kids and teens can learn a new language at the many Berlitz camps

The benefit of the Berlitz Method® is that it immerses you in your target language and culture from the moment your lesson begins and focuses on conversation so that you learn in an intuitive manner. The diverse and competent Berlitz trainers have the tools they need to help you along the path of success, and the Berlitz Service Center has all the information you need to book courses.

If you have any questions about the Berlitz Method®, individual courses, or anything else related to the company, contact the Berlitz Service Center to get a quick response!

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