Roma Prati

Roma Prati

Improve your language skills at the Roma Prati center

Rome's cosmopolitan Prati district is home to the "Rome Prati" Berlitz language center, within walking distance of the walls of Vatican City. The center is easy to reach via public transportation, and the upbeat vibe of the district lends itself to the friendly atmosphere in the center. Other places of interest in the district include the Adriano Theater, "The Palazzaccio", Risorgimento Square, adding to the flair of Prati.

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Total Immersion

Berlitz Individual courses are the ideal choice for those who want to improve a language and put it into practice quickly. The course focuses on the spoken language which allows you to optimize results. Berlitz provides you with a mother-tongue language teacher who will customize the program to suit your language needs.

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Learn a language with Berlitz

Berlitz offers a wide range of courses in a variety of languages for people of all ages and levels. From camps for the smallest members of the family to business seminars for professionals and everything in-between, Berlitz trainers immerse you in your target language and help you gain confidence in communicating with others.

The "Rome Prati" center has several options:

Every Berlitz trainer is a native speaker of the language he or she teaches, and every trainer has extensive training and experience. Trainers working with business and corporate classes and seminars are competent in the particular field, and every trainer is committed to helping you achieve quick, effective, and lasting results with the Berlitz Method® and with content designed specifically with you in mind.

Whether you are learning a language for personal or business-related reasons, Berlitz is the ideal partner to help you achieve your goals. Contact the "Roma Prati" center today to find out more information about courses and seminars, or stop by in person the next time you are shopping in the district-you won't regret it!

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