Semi-private language courses in a small group

If you want to increase your ability to speak a language in a small group, then consider the Semi-Private Instruction course offered by Berlitz. Immerse yourself in your target language in groups of 2-4 participants, learning new vocabulary and grammar through speech. The semi-private groups cost less than the one-on-one courses and you still get more attention from the trainer than in larger groups up to ten. And with the benefits of the Berlitz Method® incorporated into the course, you will quickly see vast improvements in your language proficiency.

The benefits of Semi-Private Instruction at a glance
  • Intensive training in a small group of 2-4 participants
  • Fast, effective learning of your target language
  • Qualified native speaker trainers
  • Available for all language levels
  • You can start classes at any time

The key aspect of the Berlitz Method® is immersion in your target language. You spend the majority of the lesson in conversation with other participants and the trainer, and the trainer ensures that the content is customized to you and your group. This helps maximize the effect of immersion in the language, as the vocabulary you learn can then be used in your day-to-day life. Immersion also cuts through your inhibitions and quickly boosts your confidence in your ability to communicate in your target language.

With course content compiled specifically for your needs and materials selected according to your learning strengths, you spend the entirety of your lesson enjoying yourself discussing topics that interest you-- all while learning. You can even choose where your group meets, ensuring a comfortable environment in which you can learn at your best.

With qualified trainers and excellent materials, you'll see a huge increase in your level of fluency in no time at all. Contact your local Berlitz center now to get more information about courses. Language learning success is guaranteed with the Berlitz Method®!

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