The Berlitz center in Torino: your language learning partner

Torino is a thriving city full of art, culture and life, and the Berlitz center is located right in the heart of the action, near Piazza Statuto. This central location makes attending your Berlitz lessons easy as can be, and the ability to arrange for lessons at a location of your choosing makes it even more convenient. Working with your Berlitz trainer you will quickly and efficiently improve your confidence in speaking your target language by being immersed in the language throughout each session.

Individual Language Instruction
Total Immersion

Berlitz Individual courses are the ideal choice for those who want to improve a language and put it into practice quickly. The course focuses on the spoken language which allows you to optimize results. Berlitz provides you with a mother-tongue language teacher who will customize the program to suit your language needs.

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The Torino center offers several options:

Group instruction

These group courses are designed with each participant in mind, and content is selected based on the needs and goals of you and your fellow classmates. The trainer is a native speaker with the necessary training to make your learning experience a fun and fruitful one.

Individual instruction

The method of immersing you in the language and choosing appropriate content remains the same. The difference is that in these courses you work one-on-one with the trainer, increasing the attention you receive.

Virtual Classroom

If you travel often or simply cannot make it to the center in downtown Torino, then the Berlitz Virtual Classroom is the ideal solution. All you need to get to "class" is an internet connection.

Business courses and seminars

Berlitz organizes corporate language courses and seminars held right in your company. This is a great option for those who want to advance at work by improving language skills or gaining a better understanding of a topic relevant to your particular industry.

No matter what your language goals, the Berlitz center in Torino is dedicated to helping you achieve them. Contact the center today to get more information about the various courses and seminars available.

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