Intensive language training for intensive learners

with Total Immersion®

Berlitz believes that the most efficient way to learn a new language or improve upon existing skills is to immerse yourself in the target language. The Total Immersion® course offered to corporate customers at Berlitz is an excellent choice if you need an employee to increase his or her proficiency quickly and lastingly. The course is comprised of 12 lessons per day, with a total of 60 lessons per week. This level of immersion guarantees results you can count on!

Total Immersion
The Berlitz Total Immersion® at a glance
  • Communicate in demanding situations in less than 3 weeks in your target language
  • Course runs for 1 - 6 weeks and booking can be done on a weekly basis
  • Daily one-hour training sessions with 2 language instructors to practice group situations
  • Customized course content to your needs
  • Business lunch included

Learn a language in the shortest time possible

In addition to complete immersion, the Berlitz Method® prescribes the use of course content tailor-made for the particular student. Berlitz pulls from an extensive collection of materials to include company-specific vocabulary, articles and materials in the course, ensuring the language your employee speaks during lessons is applicable in his or her professional capacity at your company.

Berlitz aims to offer the most support possible so that you can achieve your goals efficiently. You can opt to have the Berlitz trainer give lessons in-house at your company, or your employee can travel to a Berlitz center or arrange to meet the trainer in some other location. No matter where the lessons take place, your employee will spend at least 50% of the time speaking the target language, guaranteeing the results your standards demand.

Communication is a vital skill in any industry, and Berlitz works hand-in-hand with you to give your employees the skills they need to further your corporate objectives. Above all Berlitz endeavors to turn your wishes into reality, paving the way for you to expand on the successes of your company and its diligent personnel.

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