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The Berlitz training process

At Berlitz, the training process begins long before your employees meet with their trainer for the first time. In order to ensure successful lessons, Berlitz incorporate several steps in the training process prior to starting lessons. These steps include consultation as well as design and organization of the individual lessons. Putting in this extra effort guarantees the effectiveness of the Berlitz Method® in the lessons planned specifically for your company. 

Step 1: Consultation

In this step Berlitz completed a needs analysis to determine more about what trainers need to achieve your company goals. Once the analysis is complete, Berlitz uses the results to define targets and content for the course. This ensures that the content is tailor-made with your employees in mind.

Step 2: Design

In this step Berlitz begins to solidify the look of your course. Attention is given to the format of the training and to the design of the course. This further guarantees that you get a course designed to address the specific needs of your company.

Step 3: Organization

In this third step your course is implemented, taking into account everything learned in steps 1 and 2. Support is provided to enhance the learning experience, and evaluations are completed so that the lessons and content can continue to improve even once your employees have started their lessons.

Proceeding in this way gives you the ability to continuously monitor progress. At every step of the way you can review your targets and determine whether your objectives are being achieved. Armed with the Berlitz Method® and the hours of preparation prior to starting lessons, Berlitz trainers will confidently produce the results you need to increase the success of your employees and your company.

Berlitz is the partner you need to provide the training required to take your company to the next level. Contact your local Berlitz center today to get more information and to start the Berlitz training process.


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