Learn a language in a virtual classroom setting

Virtual Group Instruction combines online learning with face-to-face instruction

Often times it is difficult to attend language courses due to work obligations. Distance learning through Virtual Group Instruction at Berlitz removes this obstacle so you can focus on your language-related goals without impeding on other work-related obligations. All you need to get to class is an internet connection. Groups are comprised of 3-5 participants, and Berlitz trainers immerse you in your target language no matter what level of proficiency you start at.

Virtual Group Instruction
The Berlitz Virtual Classroom
  • Real-time live instructions
  • Supporting course materials, including books and CDs
  • Set syllabus, periodic quizzes, final examination
  • Lessons can be recorded and viewed at any time
  • Constant feedback and report cards

Live online lessons with highly qualified Berlitz teachers

The ability to simply attend class via the internet saves time and money, giving you more flexibility in your schedule. Just as in live lessons, immersion is key: participants and the trainer focus on learning the language through speaking, honing their grammar and vocabulary through conversation. This emphasis on immersion is a major element in the success of the Berlitz Method®.

The course materials are compiled with the specific course participants in mind. Trainers select materials relevant to your employees' industry or department, which ensures the applicability of their new or improved skills within your company structure.

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